July 18, 2003


xoverboard.com in association with the Organization for Hateful Outraged Sarcasm wishes to congratulate George W. Bush and the entire United States Department of Defense for their spectacular job of getting Americans killed.

With today's latest military death, the United States has officially lost more soldiers than in the previous Iraq war. Not bad for a combat operation that was declared "over" weeks ago!

Congratulations as well as the family of the slain soldier, who I'm sure is at home celebrating just like the 147 other families who lost loved ones for no good goddamned reason whatsoever.

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Nothing left to lie about

Mark Morford in the San Francisco Gate:

The list goes on. This list is nearly endless. The list is growing and expanding and now threatens to split and explode and spread like some sort of giant viscous blob and invade small towns and kill plants and induce women to slap their hands to their faces and scream while it slowly steamrolls innocent children as they innocently stand there in the street playing innocent Frisbee, innocently.

And there are others. There are flagrant lies and cover-ups and misprisions not even related to the war, more about increasingly nauseating domestic issues, major budget crises and unabashed pro-corporate decisions and anti-gay anti-women anti-sex fun for the whole terrified white Christian family.

There is, for example, the recent hacking to death of the EPA's major greenhouse-gas/air-quality study. There was the (failed) attempt to kill the Bureau of Labor Statistics report that tracked factory closings in the U.S. There is the secret $135 mil in budget moneys set aside to cram invidious sexless Christian "abstinence only until marriage" programs down the throats of jaded American teens and desperate budget-reamed schools.

There was, as Slate so effortlessly delineates, the regular and rather sneering deep-sixing of serious economic data and fiscal forecasting -- much of it generated by Bush's own teams -- because it didn't match the GOP's makeshift rosy scenarios.

There is massive unemployment. There is the largest budget deficit in history, now a staggering $455 billion, over $50 billion more than the administration predicted just five months ago.

There are state and local governments broke to the point of having to cut back essential services like police and fire departments, hospitals, public schools, road maintenance and sewers. There is Lynne Cheney. 'Nuff said.

There appears to be no end. There appears to be a limitless supply of lies and half-truths and misinformations BushCo can invent on the spot, and is now a good time to recall how Clinton was savaged and vilified and attacked and impeached because he lied about having big dumb sex with a rather unappealing intern?

And yet here is BushCo, openly and shamelessly lying about leading this nation into a vile and petroleum-drunk war, massacring tens of thousands, killing hundreds of U.S. soldiers (and counting), gutting the budget, favoring the rich with useless tax cuts, hiding and prevaricating and dodging and treated the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments to the Constitution the way a crusty abusive Catholic priest treats an altar boy.

This is where you have to laugh. This is where you applaud. Stand up and cheer, for it has been a masterful performance, a rather unprecedented series of major cover-ups and well-orchestrated PR maneuvers and outright fabrications unmatched in recent history. Hell, the epic scale of BushCo's atrocities make Clinton's little oral-sex fixation seem like a jaywalking violation.

Full article here.

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Think lovely thoughts, children

Noting how "one has cancer" but in no way does that mean he's implying how great it would be for a Supreme Court Justice to die right now so Bush could appoint a fanatic right-wing conservative, no sir not at all, Pat Robertson asks followers to clap hands and believe.

First of all, something tells me the "prayer offensive" will not be an addition to the newest version of Grand Theft Auto. So the idea that it's supposed to be forceful-sounding is ridiculous. Of course: the reason God hasn't given you everything you wanted yet is because you weren't praying hard enough. But gosh, Pat, we gave you all that money, didn't that count for anything?

Second, is anyone else amused by the double standard applied by Grand Poobah Robertson in this press statement? The Supreme Court is a horrible institution because "five unelected men and women who serve for life can change the moral fabric of our nation..." which leads you to believe that Robertson is against the lifetime appointment of Supreme Court justices, right? Oh, of course not: he's just against the lifetime appointment of ones that disagree with him. As such, Mr. Robertson suggests we all hope that the ones he doesn't like die so pro-Robertson's-views justices can be unelected to serve for life and change the moral fabric of our nation.

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Pistons are up and running, Captain

Fireballs & Tsunami is finally free of its NYU local web space, feel free to check the yet-again-redesigns of a fellow NYU student.

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July 17, 2003

I missed you, too

I'm back. Just so you know. I'm very happy to see you all still care and check the site and send massive amounts of e-mail for me to sort through. Excuse me, I'm exhausted, more later.

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July 14, 2003

Somewhere... ten miles or so into the sea...

Posting, updating, and e-mail sorting will be light to non-existant this week, as I'll be taking a break for most of it in Martha's Vineyard, by way of Westport, CT and possibly Hanover, NH near the end. Management suggests you pass the time with a good book or something.

Go Fighting Mother Teresas!

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July 13, 2003

I'm so going to hell

Next week: team colors are chosen, if I'm not condemned to the lake of fire first.

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